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Just take it one day at a time. Oro you can go back to a junior college like i did to start back with your core courses and when you have finished those core courses, then transfer to a major university for the courses in your major.

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@collegeugrad1234 you can’t start over.

Can i start over in community college. On another note retaken courses can replace lower scores. Community colleges help you explore different majors to help you get an idea of what you might want to study. Starting over in college is possible via the fresh start policy.

You can certainly start over at a new school, just go through the admissions process as a new student and don't list the other school. Pros of starting at a community college you might be surprised at how helpful it can be to “start small.” saving money is one of the biggest reasons to consider community college, but there. So i would just like to start fresh, and chalk up the money wasted on a life lesson learned.

But if you have those, online courses could allow you to start at your own pace and avoid a. Take a look at your local community college which probably offers the lowest tuition rates around. Sadly, if i could apply to universities as a true freshman, i'd get accepted to plenty of them.

That means that you can get a fresh start in a community college or four year undergraduate program. There is basically a statute of limitations for old grades. Choose community college, not a university.

Your 15 year absence from undergraduate work is outside that period. There are some online tools out there that allow them to access such information. However it’s hard to “fail college” because you’re graded on each course you’re taking, not on your overall performance.

Do keep in mind not all colleges overlook the lower scores. As others have said, yes you can start over, and many students do for a wide variety of reasons, including that they were foolish, immature, and/or not ready to be on their own the first time around. If you do want to send your transcripts you contact the original school to send to current school.

I'd be looking to just start over at a community college and look to transfer after receiving an aa, or even apply as a freshman to a university and take largely online classes. You can't start over at the same school as you have an academic record at that school that isn't going away. Unfortunately, however, that can't happen.

Yes, in the u.s., you can start over — usually at a different college. But i don't know if this is possible. My advice would be to head back to school with as many grants, scholarships and reduced tuition programs as you can to avoid more student loan debt.

If you started back at the original school, most community colleges have policies with titles like “academic amnesty” or “academic bankruptcy,” in which a student whose previous college experience wasn’t good can hit the reset button and have everything dropped from their gpa and transcript. Lenocturne march 20, 2016, 8:15am #2. Think about doing your first two years there before you head off to a more expensive school.

The admissions application to the school i wish to apply to says failure to provide transcripts for all previous college credit may result in denial of admission, ineligibility for graduation, the conferral of a degree, or dismissal. Not all community colleges will ask for your transcript except high school. When you’re going back to college to get a better career, you want to get to your goal as quickly as possible to hopefully better your life.

Any 4 year university you apply to can (not saying it will, but can) get a hold of your academic history. So do your “starting over” at a community college. Depending on how many credits you are able to transfer, you can save a semester to over a year’s worth of classes, which is a significant block of time.

Transferring to a different school is another way to start over again in college. You'll need to meet the incoming freshmen admission requirements again but it can certainly be done. The name may slightly vary from one institution to the next, but the fact remains that it allows students to have the opportunity to improve their gpas.

2.8 is really not that bad. If you were to reapply to another college, including the “safety school that admitted you last year, but without. For students who had lower grades in high school, taking community college classes can be an opportunity to bring up their grades.

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