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Do you have remote start system or a non factory alarm? A friend told me to try these options.

Diagnose Anti-theft System

This can happen if the steering wheel got bumped too much after turning the car off.

My car won't start because of the anti theft system. I ran into problem when car would not start. If one key isn't working, try the other. It is likely to solve the problem.

Low fuel pressure is more likely read full answer. The security light is a visual indication that something in the car's antitheft system is failing. Could also be the transponder in the steering column.

Now try to start the engine. Try another key if you have one. If it is not lit up anymore, turn the key back to off and leave it for a couple of minutes.

In that case, the car’s system won’t be able to read the security code off the key fob. From the moment you put your key in the ignition, there begins a constant line of communication. This may be for many reasons including a dead car battery that loses its key memory or a dead battery in your remote.

Now with the doors locked put the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position. With all the new anti theft technology would perceive and sense the wrong readings from the after market item because it was now integrated into the whole system and then factory sensors would not let the vehicle start when it should. If they turn out alright, try to jumpstart it.

It could also be that your immobilizer chip is damaged in your key or the car door lock is damaged. If it starts, then the first key is bad and has to be replaced. I also noticed that if i open my door manual (using the key, not the clicker) and then try to start my car, it enables the anti theft feature.

If the key is destroyed or damaged, the chip will not work so the car won’t start — security light is on. Battery could be the source of the problem. I noticed that honda civics have an anti theft feature where you can't start the car engine if your car is locked.

With the drivers window down and all the doors closed and the hood open diconnect the battery. Discussion starter · #1 · jan 14, 2013. In most gm cars and trucks there is a hidden system that most people are unaware even exists.

My 2005 chevy malibu anti theft system will not let me start my car i just got it two days ago and i did nothing wrong i just went to go get in the car in. Time i try to start the ignition or it wont start. The car won't start because of the anti theft in the idgection we don't have a ley how can you bypass the anti theft on a 97 lincoln town car 4.6 liter.

Then get back into the vehicle and. Reach in and turn the key to run. Anyway sometimes when i go to start it it wont start and just clicks because of this system, only solution i have seen is to disconnect battery terminals for a few minutes then reconnect them and it fires right up.

When the steering wheel is locked, you also won’t be able to turn the key. Resetting the chevy cruze theft deterrent system. Here is a comparison of the various pats systems:

I did find a solution. Then put the key in the ignition and fire it up. I have 1999 saturn sl1.

Sensors, and a response system. 2002 gmc sierra won't start, security light came on. Once it blinks you will need to turn it to the off position, then turn it back to the on position.

Or this 2)disconnect battery for 5. Anti theft system is locked. The first thing you should take a look into when the anti theft system car wont start is the car battery.

Repeat the process at least a couple of times if it does not work the first time. But they all consist of the same two main components: I think he is right because my doors wont lock or unlock.

The keys have a chip embedded in them. My remote entry stopped working some weeks ago so i stopped locking my doors (who'd steal a 14 year old car). When inserted into the ignition, the alarm system looks for codes from the key.

Inorder for the vehicle to start, i have to remove key from the ignition, open door and get out of the seat. Connect the battery without skipping around and the dash lights should come. Discussion starter · #1 · feb 11, 2015.

Anti theft system wont let car even attempt to turn over so that's not the problem. It could be dead or low and needs charging. Actually depending upon the year, the car might crank.

Clever Tricks To Solve When The Anti Theft System Car Wont Start

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Clever Tricks To Solve When The Anti Theft System Car Wont Start

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