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Bustedknuckles july 5, 2016, 7:49pm #5. The battery is designed to last for a long time.

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Hi david, i have toyota prius 2004 with 245000m am a uber driver and the car just bring check engine sign and after some heavy traffic the car went off with check engine and the triangle light and since then i have to remove the 12v battery and replace it after some minutes for me to push it from road and since then car is not starting and the.

Prius starter battery life. Luckily, the battery isn't actually used to start the engine like in a traditional vehicle (using a starter motor that we can hear cranking an engine to life). The average life of a lead/acid battery is about 5 years, some last longer, some last shorter. The prius gen 2 had a brake system backup in the form of an array of capacitors (backup to the backup) and considering how unreliable 12 volt batteries can be, it seems a pity that.

With a traditional car you can normally tell the 12v battery needs replacement by sluggish starts or no starting at all. Make sure you buy a battery with a 60 month prorated warranty and if it lasts longer then that, you got your moneys worth. I believe that battery uses a different voltage potential than the standard 12v.

In all other states, the warranty on your prius battery is good for 8 years or 100,000 miles. The much larger traction battery actually starts up the engine when needed. This means that if you need your battery replaced within the warranty period, you can get a new one.

But i would say with 130k yours is a great candidate. The battery pack of any hybrid toyota has a warranty of 150,000 miles or ten years in positions with california. Due to risk of electrocution, as the battery produces over 200 volts, its recommended to get it checked by a professional mechanic.

Battery manufactured by east penn, the makers of deka batteries. Like any other 12v car batteries, you. So, how long is the battery life of prius?

The gen2 prius batteries are performing much better than the gen1. First, there’s no need to yell, we’re finally here! If it fails or degrades excessively in.

The gen1 battery packs were about $2500 (a price which will likely fluctuate) and the labor to replace them was about 3.5 hours. While 100,000 miles or eight years in other states according to toyota’s national manager, environmental, safety & quality communications, mr. Those batteries that make your prius a hybrid are commonly referred to as “traction batteries” because they serve the sole purpose of powering or being charged from your wheels through a process known as regenerative braking.

I’ve seen gen2s with 200k on the original battery. Prius and see what your battery life is. Granted, the prius 12v battery is only used to get the electronics on and enable the main battery to activate the engine so its load is small and short duration but how long before this battery should be changed out.

However, there are owners that have. Sadly, this is not the case. If you're doing this as a planned replacement you will want a backup 12v source hooked up so you don't lose settings and have to initialize systems.

The rest of the car uses a standard 12v system, and it uses a very small 12v battery. What is the life expectancy of this battery? If the dash lights dim or turn off entirely when trying to start your prius, that can indicate the battery or cables.

With a prius you may experience strange things, dimming dash lights, a drop in mpg's and if the 12v is completely dead obviously no starting. the. Prius being a hybrid vehicle, it is powered by battery power. This corrosion keeps the proper voltage from getting to the starter.

Most, not all, second gen failures begin around the 150k mark. How much does a prius battery cost to replace? It's also worth pointing out that while battery packs are warrantied for 150,000 (or 100,000) miles depending on the state you live in, many battery packs can survive twice that mileage or more.

The prius has two battery systems. It is usually located in the trunk or hood as we shall see later. The 12v battery is used to start the vehicle and other purposes such as music, lights, and other systems.

It is excellent news for all you prius owners out there! Victor, you can use dr. The internal combustion engine (ice) is not cranked by the 12v battery like a typical automobile.

That charge offsets load while parked and warms the battery internally in winter without overheating it in summer. The actual r&r (remove & replace) is pretty quick. This replacement s46b24r prius 12v battery is made in the usa and is compatible with these prius applications:

Although the 12v auxiliary battery in prius is not responsible for starting the engine, but it keeps all the. It has a normal 12v battery and a hybrid battery which is what runs it. Plan on ~1 hour or less for the job.

The same battery is still starting reliably every time 10 years later.

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