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If the battery has plenty of power to turn the motor over for a while, it’s definitely not the alternator. I open my car with the fob turn the ignition, sontimes its starts and sometimes it dosent.

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This could be caused by:

Why will my car start sometimes but not others. My car will not crank sometimes. Taking the time to read through the points listed out above will help you properly diagnose the reason why your car key is not working. It also takes more to turn the engine over when fluids are cold and viscous like in the winter time.

When this happens you can try to start it a number of times and it will still not crank. (or poor connections at one of these parts). Lastly, if your car starts intermittently, your car will sometimes start, and sometimes it doesn’t.

If the distributor is bad than the engine will turn every time but it will not start running or will start but not run properly (misfire). This means there could be a problem with the fuel pump, fuel filter, or fuel injectors. Your car might not start for numerous reasons and boil down to various root causes.

Car keys are an integral part of any drivers daily activities, so whenever your car key is not working, it can be a costly hassle. It just seems to start when it feels. It's due to a problem with some sort of sensor on the gear shift:

Consider hiring an experienced technician, such as one from yourmechanic, to come to your home or business and determine if you have need spark plugs or a starter replaced. Depending on how broken it is you can sometimes hit the starter with a wrench or something hard and it may start. Go back to car and it starts?

Fuel injection or carburettor problem; You may go a week without any problems and then problem returns. If that does not fix it, then you may well have either a defective starter, or a worn out ignition sw.

Click to see full answer. The problem is easily diagnosed and the solution can be implemented at the same time (install a new starter). If it cranks normally, and doesnt start, the reason maybe no spark because of a faulty ignition circuit.

If the car then starts, runs for a few seconds, then dies, the system is not getting a proper amount of fuel. Let’s check out the most common car won’t turn over symptoms and what you can do to. The alternator’s job is to keep the battery charged and evidently its doing its job.

If the starter is bad you might hear a clicking. Given that yours will start sometimes but not other leaves a few possible causes. Come back in a few minutes and it will start with no problem.

2005 vw beetle starts sometimes and other times will not start. Engine can be hot or cold from over night and this makes no difference to when problem occurs. The car doesn't believe it's in park, even though it is, and won't let me start it, because of a safety measure that prevents the car from starting in.

Engine starts but cuts out. I have to take my key out of the ignition lock and unlock the car. Recently, my vw betle has not started and later i go back to car and try and it starts.

Flooded engine (if you also notice a strong petrol smell) how to jump start your car Try jumpstarting the car when its not working (if it works, you can cross off the battery as a possible problem) also make sure battery cables/ground have good connection and arent corroded; Third, suppose your car starts intermittently, and you have a starter solenoid issue.

That causes intermittent, unreliable operation just like what you are experiencing. It might be caused by: I have an old car that sometimes does this.

Got new battery, new gear shift cable and mechnic seems to. In that case, you might hear a repeated clicking sound that can come from the engine compartment; If the computer can’t tell (due to a bad sensor), it will not allow the car to start.

Get them cleaned and tightened. Hopefully, this will help you find the solution fairly quickly. The engine will turn sometimes and will not turn some other times.

If the vehicle will crank sometimes and others it will not, you may have a faulty starter. Starters sometimes develop bad spots on the armature (of the starter motor). This is often a fuel problem.

If the lights dim in your car, (but not considerably) that probably means that your starter is getting power and the ignition works This sound will relate to a dead battery or a faulty solenoid. If it is the switch you will not even here a clicking sound.

The first thing to have your automotive buddy check dear are the battery posts and lugs. Engine cranks but car won’t start. The classic trouble guide says the engine needs spark, air and fuel to fire off when i.

Hello there, no starts are common problem in many vehicles. The most likely causes would include a fault with the ignition switch, battery cables, fuel pump, starter, or low fuel pressure. No fuel supply because of a faulty fuel pump, bad fuel pump relay, blown fuel pump fuse, plugged fuel filter or line, or failed ecm injector driver circuit or injector power supply relay.

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